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Cabinet high, will not let you tired waist

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Decoration, we are always in the pursuit of appearance is beautiful and whether the high-grade materials, but it ignores the comfort of space and reasonable.
When the kitchen is decorated to ignore the housewife's height, and makes use of the late operation habit difficult, high hood, won't let you meet? Cabinet high, will not let you tired waist......
The distance to the cooker hood
Hood too close to the stove, you may meet; hood is too far away from the stove, suction will be affected. Top suction hood, cooker hood panel to the general distance of 60~65 cm, if appropriate. 5 cm high; the hood side suction hood, stove bottom to the distance of 35~40 cm.
The stove and sink distance
Kitchen pattern is mainly L shaped or U shape, cabinet design will generally follow the wash, cut, fried, the operating process, the use of more convenient.
Sink to range distance for the general scope of open arms, which is 120~180 cm, the middle cut with the most suitable area is 90 cm.
The height of the cabinet
To the door of the cabinet is generally 70 cm high, table to Diaogui distance of 60~80 cm, the minimum distance from the cabinet 145 cm in the ground.
Also can let housewife station to Diaogui installation position, stand straight, straight to the eye is installed at the bottom of the cabinet, so no housewife tiptoe can open the cabinet door access things in the cooking time.
To condole depth, recommended partition by 30 cm and 35 cm in two sizes, so that the size of object placed.
Disinfection cabinet position
Disinfection cabinet generally placed in the cut area below, preferably placed next to the sink, so it is more convenient to use. Disinfection cabinet width on the market is generally 60 cm or 63 cm, preferably in the installation of a space of about 5 cm to ensure its heat dissipation.
Refrigerator position
The refrigerator is generally placed in the entrance or from the tank near the place, is not recommended and the stove next to the wall, and set aside 5 cm, favorable for heat dissipation. At the same time, we should pay attention to the direction of the refrigerator door and cabinet distance, so as not to use each other when fighting".
Operating table height
Cabinet operation table height ground to the distance from table, cabinet pre design, measurement, installation position in the cupboard housewife station, stand straight, hands stretched flat shoulder and 90 degree elbow, 15~20 cm, the operation height.
At present, the family of men in the kitchen cooking more and more, can be customized according to the needs of the cabinet when the appropriate size adjustment.
Storage space
Let the housewife stand on the cabinet operating platform, with open arms turn up to reach the first cabinet lattice, down could open the door to a place that is comfortable, storage space, so that it can be the most commonly used cooking items in this space, will be able to reach out to.
Activity space
Put a small space in the kitchen furniture and appliances should be reserved for cases, middle distance of 120~140 cm, which is at least a distance of two people, it can ensure the door will open in the case of a person can freely operate the intermediate station.