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In addition to formaldehyde effect is the fastest? How long is the new home decoration is available?

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Home before they moved into a new house to decorate, as long as decoration will use the paint, coating, such as plywood, particle board, fiberboard. The vast majority of these materials have different levels of formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, ethylene, methanol and other indoor decoration pollution. Formaldehyde used mainly come from the flooring, furniture board, adhesives, etc.

Decorate someone placed two or three months, after the completion of new house just finished decorating, even indoor formaldehyde, in the case of ventilation, also be blown to the outdoor, many families feel the smell is moved in, in fact, such as formaldehyde indoor decoration pollutants released from materials, diffuse indoors, especially under the condition of temperature (temperature in summer, winter use heating or floor heating), formaldehyde volatilizes is the usual 2 to 3 times, if the Windows closed, formaldehyde will form a set of concentration, if not indoor decoration pollution, these harmful gases in indoor pollution a few years and even decades, especially small pregnant women have the very big harm to the old.

In addition to formaldehyde effect is the fastest?

1) if you want to live in my own sweet and comfortable home as soon as possible, pay attention to the serious harm

Bedroom just finished you can't immediately check in, because the paint coating, things like that will not only has some pungent odor, but also cause serious harm to your family's health. Then we will try to ventilation, but cannot open all doors and Windows and ventilation, because it may bring just finished, the metope lacquer, make the wall rapid air-dry, prone to crack, damage and beautiful.

2) if you want to live in my own sweet and comfortable home as soon as possible?

< decoration in addition to flavor agent + coconut shell activated carbon > one spray one, simple type indoor decoration pollution control solutions, due to its simple operation and pure natural environmental protection, no secondary pollution, indoor decoration pollution control in use in the actual market, get the user high praise. One spray is refers to the spraying decoration in addition to flavor agent, completely penetrate degradation such as formaldehyde indoor decoration pollution sources. Decorate in addition to flavor agent in a few minutes to infiltrate the internal pollution source for 48 hours most of the harmful gas and odor is replacement, remove, thoroughly remove formaldehyde degradation of more than 95%. One place refers to the activated carbon, efficient adsorption to capture such as formaldehyde indoor decoration pollution. Based activated carbon as a magnetic force one kind, the activated carbon pore wall of large molecules can produce strong gravity, so as to achieve the formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia, radon and other volatile organic compounds to attract the aperture of the objective.

The state environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center certification testing, 48 hours in addition to taste, decorate indoor formaldehyde, clearance rate is as high as 90.8%

Air pollution cause harm to their health

Because indoor air pollution directly harm health and life, we should realize the seriousness of the indoor air pollution, and seek to testing and management way. But there are still a lot of people do you need after the decoration indoor air monitoring insufficient understanding. They some trouble, they think will not do much harm to the body, as long as the open doors and Windows, just put some green plants in the room; Some think that smell in the room is not big, do not need to test; Also some think decoration materials are carefully selected, there will be no pollution and so on. In fact, many of decoration materials harmful substances and sense of smell is unable to distinguish by the human eye. Such as benzene series excitant odour is not big, but very big to the harm of human body. Such as radioactive radon gas odor free again, but can cause lung cancer, is second only to the second major risk factors of smoking.

Therefore, every family and personal set for indoor decoration pollution have a sober understanding and awareness. Should understand this because of air pollution cause harm to their health, not only affect work and study, also can bring heavy economic burden for families. What's more, if because of pollution of leukemia, lung cancer and so on, the treatment is very difficult, even life threatening.