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Wooden door maintenance plan Hong Kong web teach you to household decorate wooden door do

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Wooden door maintenance method is as follows:

The first one: different situation Wooden door repair scheme selection

Mywood door as indoor door more, its appearance has a great influence to the whole household effects. For the renovation of wooden door, the breakage of the need for different situation, take different solutions.

One, wood surface damage

If wooden door just appear scratch the surface and difficult to erase the stain is slight damage, you can consider directly paint coverage.

Steps: as all had finished product door one wax, must first be wood with sandpaper, one time in order to improve the adhesion of the paint, then brush primers and paint directly.

Second, the wood base case of damage

If there is damage to the wood base, such as a piece of appear cracks and potholes. So relative to the surface damage, processing method is slightly more complicated one, namely before paint coverage, need to be destroyed the place up putty, fill and level up. And then polishing abrasive paper, brush primers and paint again.

The second: renovation materials don't careless Wooden doors refurbished paint option

In addition to different damaged, take slightly different processing methods. Wooden doors refurbished also need to be aware of this problem is to renew the paint selection problem. Paint for wood door has great influence on the quality and environmental protection of the renovation, choose can't give up the heart.

Had better choose the similar one, refurbished paint paint

Renovation of wooden door, had better choose the same as the original wooden door paint types of paint, one kind, use the same paint adhesion force will be relatively well. Such as the original with paint, so now it is better to paint. But also not so absolute. Renovation, use different types of paint, impact on the quality of the renovation of wooden door will not be huge.

Second, the paint

Like this, there are three kinds of oil paint, polyester paint, lacquer and alkyd paint. Alkyd paint is a product of the earlier and dry more slowly and use less and less in decorate; Lacquer dry faster but thin film, need to paint a lot of time, and humidity one big easy white; Polyester lacquer to become film with relatively more, faster and the effect is better.

Three, choice of water-based paint

Water-based paint thinner on the water. Waterborne wood lacquer wood coatings is the technical difficulty and the highest levels of science and technology of the product. With non-toxic environmental protection, no smell, volatiles rarely, burning explosion of high safety, no yellowing, besmear brushs the advantages of large area. Wooden doors refurbished indoors, paint smell is bigger, more difficult to volatilize, recommends using water-based paint renovation.

Four, paint color selection

Wooden door renovation, paint color can choose at will. However, it is important to note that if the original is used oil, and darker, use light color of the paint cannot cover, unless it is the original color with a darker color cover. If the original is that mix oil, there is no limit on colour, want to change what color is ok.

Third: the renovation construction method The wooden door renovation considerations

It is important to note that if the wooden door renovation, paint spraying the longer distance from the first one time, the better. Because during the renovation, the original base is completely dry, will not affect the result of the spray paint again.

One, when allocating supporting products

In construction of wood coatings, if chosen is water-based wood coatings, only need a proportional diluted. And if selected is nitro paint and polyurethane paint is the need to add the curing agent and diluent, and the relevant must be strictly carried out in accordance with the fixed ratio of allocation.

So, nitro paint and polyurethane paint in the process of construction, it is better for the guidance of professional staff. In strict accordance with the proportion and choose matching thinner, curing agent, lest cause bit bottom, wrinkling and other issues.

Second, use fine sandpaper

Construction, cannot be used sandpaper to figure soon, and should use fine sandpaper. Grinding is more exquisite, coating adhesion strength is better.

Third, to set aside the drying time

One kind, spray paint brush two primer paint can be three times, each time takes 4 to 6 hours to brush paint, the second times workers to figure is fast, every 1 to 2 hours, brush paint the second time, paint film is not dry, affect the final result.

Fourth, it is best to wooden door down the construction

Wooden doors refurbished indoors, best unloaded into a specialized one room door to spray the effect will be better. Next to no dust, reducing environmental pollution; Both the front and back of the door to see very clear. If directly spray on the door, easy to produce the mist spray, influence line of sight, thus affecting spray effect.

Five, the remaining paint difference processing

Waterborne wood coatings in after the use, for the rest of the paint, can be stored in a cool place to save, in case of need. The nitro paint and polyurethane paint due to add the curing agent and diluent, can only be used one time sex, for the rest of the coating can dispose of them.

At the same time after the construction completion, abandoned coating should be properly handled, pay attention to timely cleaning tools.